The adventure begins

This is my first attempt at Blogging and of course we have essential IT and photography support from André.
A little heads up on the nature of this trip , it is the 101 day Breakaway journey celebrating significant birthdays and the start to a new era. I have retired from a rewarding job which I have done for 29 years.
Departure 22nd February with a little reprieve from an extremely hot summer we have been having and we get to leave at a mere 26C.
The journey to Stockholm was pretty smooth even though it took 33 hours door to door.

We are staying in an Air B&B apartment in trendy Sodermalm. Everything is covered in a sprinkling of snow and a wonderful -4C. We get to have some great visits with Andreas and his family and little 14 month old Nils who is a very content little munchkin, happy to take part in all the activities.André get to try a new Swedish style of ice-skating on a frozen lake while we visit Andreas’s parents in Tullinge. I am desperately trying to nurse my knee back to function so it will perform for the dog sledding. I do not seem to be winning at this point.

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