Dog sledding Umnas

We leave for Hemavan a small ski -centre in northern Sweden where we get picked up and driven to Umnas for the start of the dogsledding. We have to make the heart crushing decision that my knee will not stand up to 50-70km days on the sled and so I pull out , but thanks to some creative , lateral thinking Catrine comes up with a closely matching plan B. I will get to go with the team but on a snow mobile.We harness the dogs and to a deafening amount of eager barking they are off. Three total, each has a team of 7 dogs made up of André and another Swedish couple plus Kenneth the owner and guide of A Silent Way. Kenneth has 10 dogs to haul the masses amount of dog food required for 5 days out on the mountain.

2 thoughts on “Dog sledding Umnas

  1. I’m so pleased you included me in your blog. Even though snow leaves me cold (big pun there) you look so happy and your photography so good that I can see you’re on top of the world. More puns, I can’t believe it..
    Continue to enjoy everything. Nola x


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