We now head back to this far northern Lapland town of 20K,  it is unique in the sense that deep below the ground are huge deposits of iron ore and as they extract them the town has started subsiding. What would you do? Well you just move the town over a little bit so the mine can keep going. This incredible project has been accepted by the community without a ripple as the mine is the life blood of the place apart from tourism.

We decide to stay in the Arctic Gourmet Cabin where Johan spoils us for three days. He is a young chef with great experience and has decided to etch out a very successful living with two tiny cabins and a 4 seat restaurant where he prepares amazing meals.We get reintroduced to sauna in the snow, a hot bathtub with mountain views and a rather interesting incinerating toilet. To expand on this environmentally friendly way of dealing with our internal processing, one lines the inner toilet bowl with a thin tissue liner, deposit what there is to deposit and whoosh press the button which removes the content odorlessly into the small incinerator and presto you have biological ashes to use in the garden 🙂

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