Family and friends time

The next few days we get to spend in Warsaw enjoying visits with family and friends. It is amazing how quickly my niece’s children are sprouting . It really is a measure of time passing and as my visits here are usually  two to three years apart the changes in the way the kids are and the things that become important to them change dramatically.

I am lucky to have three great niece and nephews, although for the eldest now 13 the focus is on being more independent and making choices where she invests her time, she is growing up into a very kind and generous young women. Her focus is on the outside world but to contribute and give rather than expect a material return in her efforts . showing affection and kindness is prime. Really nice to see. The boys are twins , rough and tumble and in frequent competition on many grounds. They are slowly becoming their own person. One thing that doesn’t change they all love a “Cherry Ripe” 🙂

We also have a great family dinner cooked by an authentic Italian from Napoli as a treat with the kids and enclosed are the before and after shots from the meal.

My niece cooks some yummy meals as well with an all time favourite being “grilled oscypka”a mountain cheese traditionally made by sheep farmers in the southern mountainous belt of Poland. We get to do family stuff together like playing board games, watching a movie and just catching up, checking out their new projects and dreams. I get spoilt with another birthday celebration with cake, candles and presents!!

I must say Poland’s cakes and the quality of sweet stuff means any concerns about sugar consumption go out the window and we indulge!

I get to spend time with my sister who has had a really rough time on a health front but is starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Financially life is still tough here as although looking around Warsaw it is no different to any other cosmopolitan European capital,  people’s incomes are a far cry on the whole to be able to afford all this readily. Makes me think how lucky we are in Australia to be balanced in what things cost and what people essentially earn.

We also get to spend good quality time with my high school friend Ewa, she generously opens her home, heart and culinary talents to treat us to some Polish specialties for a long time not tasted. These are dishes like pickled cucumber soup, pierogi with cabbage and farm cheese, wild forest mushroom soup, specially prepared herrings with finely chopped fresh onion in olive oil and the “pièce de résistance” potatoe pancakes. Even her daughter now living in Brussels is just a little envious of all the treats we get to try 🙂

Warsaw continues to change at a rapid rate , it feels like things are on the move and growing, lots of new businesses and even a huge selection of taxi companies. It is the place that a good idea can sprout and bare fruit.

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