Mbalageti, Serengeti 

This is the western part of the Serengeti and we have our last two night booked for here. As we drive west we don’t see the wildebeest herds, they have not quite reached this area in their final push for the Mara. What has reached here is large clouds of tse tse flies which are swarming the vehicle. We get a little worried about how many there will be at the lodge.

Opening the windows for photography is followed by an active crunching frenzy inside the vehicle. We have become very good at the squash and crunch to target a tse tse, most times we get to them before they get us!

Finally a sign for the lodge it is perched on top of a hill and in forest, Oh, oh, could be bad. We pull up and to our amazement no flies. Yeah!!

We check in and are told that the usual escort is required after dark, but our chalet is number 1 right near the restaurant. “Yes it is the Presidential Suite, you have been upgraded” says Fakih who has checked us in. OK, that sounds good, not what we booked but we will see…

Well we walk in and both of our jaws drop. We have never stayed in something this palatial. It’s a huge tent with two bedrooms both ensuited, a huge lounge and dining area and a verandah looking out onto the Serengeti. Wow!

I had been toying with the idea of having a rest in the afternoon , but this is a no brainer. The boys can go and have a romp, but I’ll just relax on the verandah.

It seems we are the only ones in camp. The staff are beautiful and when it comes to dinner the chef comes out and says:

” there was only one choice on the menu that was vegetarian and three for meat eaters and we thought that was not fair, so I have made a little something for you” Wow! , it’s yummy, sizzled veggies with beautifully cooked rice. The manager comes out and asks if everything is to our satisfaction and we thought he was going to break the news to us that there was some kind of mistake 🙂  He remembers my phone call booking the place and decided to upgrade us. Wow!

André and Andrew had done a loop from camp and had gone to the rangers station, the ranger was very friendly and had shown them how many snares he had found and retrieved.

A very comfy sleep before our last day.

2 thoughts on “Mbalageti, Serengeti 

    1. You know it would have been perfect sitting on the verandah with you guys sipping…. mineral water and champagne:) André was in slightly serious mode when he sent his thank you on the photography. I am getting to use a lick of his stuff in the blog, but very generous anyway:)


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