An idyllic base in Southwest France

This is a beautiful place to have the opportunity to explore. Incredibly peaceful, birds chirp night and day exchanging from day singers to scops owls and nightingales at night.

We are based in a wine growing area, and growing, planting and tending to vines is taken very seriously here. The setting is rolling hills allowing for perfect sun exposure but also making it very picturesque. We are surrounded by small towns and there is no shortage of fresh produce markets. We are going to all of them soaking up the ambience of a little cafe au lait as the world goes by.

We can’t get over how sweet the new season strawberries are so we keep buying more punnets.

Each morning starts with a wonderful walk through the forest and the dogs get to check out the new deer and wild boar activity through the night.

The fresh spring growth in the forest seems to bring out a whole morning choir of birds enjoying the start of a new day. 

There is a pond we go by and Bijou most mornings decides on a little dunk, while Byron gingerly dips a toe in the cold water, he is a Mountain dog after all and they don’t do ponds:)

Lunch time after a restocking with more amazing cheese at the markets and a baguette, we set up for  either in or outside.

We get to do more exploring in the afternoon as the place is filled with amazing historical sites, chateau, abbeys and churches.

Daylight hours are really long now and it is still light at 9.30pm, so we always get to sneak in an afternoon walk , this time Bramble feels like it’s time to explore. He clearly has some doggie genes somewhere deep inside and comes along for the walk.

2 thoughts on “An idyllic base in Southwest France

  1. Your narrative and photos all sound and look totally serene and peaceful. What a beautiful place. I’m glad you are soaking it all up.


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