Carces and surrounds, an Ode to André 

I have brought with me, from Australia the full Michelin road atlas, to some gentle complaints from André that we do not need the extra 2kg in our luggage on top of all the winter gear, but guess what I prevail:)

It is now as we experiment with tiny little country roads that my atlas is really appreciated and André forgives me the extra weight. We can now choose these beautiful, scenic routes marked with a green line on my atlas. Having said that I completely take my hat off to ” The Big Man” and his driving skills. These roads are scenic but very narrow and if not lined by a precipitous cliff on one side, they have a wheel crunching deep trough on the very edge. Add to that the driving approach of the French ( cut every corner where possible) and André is my hero!!

We start by exploring north to the little town of Entrecasteaux. A lived in castle is the centre piece and it is a beautiful sunny day of 22C, perfect for a walk and explore along the narrow streets. We finish with lunch on the wall of the castle grounds.

I have decided from now on to include a rating for the Boulangeries we encounter, so that for future reference we know where to go for the best bread and croissant. Top rating will be 🥐🥐🥐🥐 🥐 for a Boulangerie and top rating for a patisserie will be 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 🙂

After lunch we head to Aupp, the early afternoon sun brings out the light in the narrow streets and we discover this is the place to come back to for lunch or dinner next time. They have a Michelin rated restaurant “La Truffle” and the menu is looking very enticing even for a vegetarian. This is one thing that we are finding a little challenging in the restaurants  is finding good  vegetarian cuisine, most dishes are very meaty.

There are so many fields filled with blossoming poppies it reminds me of summers in Poland.

We eventually head back to our place and discover from some detailed maps in the apartment that there are some really pretty walks just outside our front door.

André decides that this will be a good place to return for a sunset session, we just need the right amount of interesting cloud formation and today is just too perfectly blue:)

Dinner this time is on the terrace enjoying the chirp of the young family in our roof with a nice glass of St Emilion Grand Cru.

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