Tour Tour and more Provence

We follow yet another great recommendation from our friends and head off to see Tour Tour. It is called the “the city in heaven” as it it is perched very high on top of a mountain. We feel that it is a good name not just based on location but the absolute cuteness of the place. We have to park just outside of town as the streets really don’t allow for much car traffic.

We find that we are not the only ones that think this is a great place as it has become home to a number of artists. There is a photography gallery, a sculpture studio and lots of small shops. Local Boulangerie  rates a 🥐🥐🥐🥐, we are set for lunch. The sculpture/ painting studio has the artist there and we strike a long conversation with her, as she tells us of her journey to Tour Tour from Paris, her brother’s links with French Canada and a bit of the local history. Her work really appeals to us both and it’s a shame we can’t buy a piece.

There are narrow streets lined with rose bushes and old street lanterns. As it is another beautiful day it just seems idyllic and peaceful to live here. We even come across a Polish artist that makes jewelry, all sorts of styles, she and her painter husband moved here 14 years ago , buying an old stable renovating it into a studio , a home and a gallery.

We swing around the other side of town and find a gorgeous spot looking back on the town and vineyards with a shady bench, our name on it, waiting for us:) Out comes the baguette and our little fridge ( esky) with some goodies and the lunch spot is complete.

In the afternoon we check out some local  cascades and come home for a little feet up time.

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