On the way to Edmonton

We get to discover how much varied outdoor activity is available in Kelowna, and Max gets to come with us. The trail along the Mission creek is full of birds chirping and the murmuring of the creek. It is a multipurpose trail and we come across a couple of horses, families with their kids on bicycles and walkers. The morning we go there is also the annual Terry Fox run after the Canadian hero and humanitarian who in 1980 after a leg amputation from cancer decided to run the width of Canada east to west coast to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. He did manage to complete the run despite a recurrence of his cancer and died in 1981. The run is held virtually in every Canadian community since then. How much can one individual achieve and inspire!

Max loved the paw cooling creek visits during the walk and the offers of snacks from race supporters on the way. This is him as we head out for the walk.

Our last day in Kelowna we go and visit the oldest nut farm in Canada in Gellatly where many new varieties of nuts were created by the passionate owner Jack and his brother David. It still is a working farm and we get to see both  known and unheard of varieties of nuts in the trees. The squirrels here seem to be a lot larger and have a big smile on their face.
It’s time to get some ice cream made of goat milk in the “Carmelis” farm, it is deliscious and André does the full cheese sampler before we settle on the smelliest one “Chabichou” yum! Dinner with Pam , Max’s Mum who has spent the weekend kitesurfing finishes a great day.
We are off to Vancouver, a sprinkling of snow on the way in the. Mountain tops and it seems autumn has arrived. We got a very good local tip on the ” Brambles” bakery in Merritt so we stop in again and get a mouthwatering goat cheese, artichoke and capsicum focaccia for lunch, a pecan sticky cinnamon bun for morning tea and a piece of maple walnut cheesecake and carrot cake for dessert at night. These come spontaneously recommended by a local lady in the shop who volunteers that we will not sample a better carrot anywhere in the world. She was right but the cheesecake was also divine!

A quick repack in Vancouver and we head out to Edmonton for another puppy adventure.

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