Mundare Alberta

We now have a few days east of Edmonton Alberta in the town of Mundare. As we arrive a 5cm coating of snow greets us announcing the start of a coldish autumn in Alberta. We have put our hand up to look after a very cute mottly crew of rescue dogs. Nobody is full breed and they are the best behaved, most loving bunch that get along splendidly. They have been rescued either here in Alberta or in Mexico by our hosts Daun and Doni.

Meet Lulu the black cocker spaniel ( closest to being recognized as such), Bandito the tall and handsome boy, his specialty is giving out amourous kisses and he has a crush on Bella the cream coloured , brown eyed beauty. 

Then comes Chico the chihuahua with attitude, he tries to boss everybody around but is kept in check by Annie the small percentage of wire terrier.

Despite the varied, four legged activity this is a very harmonious household, best assessed at the time of feeding when everyone knows who’s bowl is who and in what order their dinner gets put down.

We are very close to the Elk Lake National Park that has a very healthy population of bison, Elk and Moose in a setting of wetlands and lakes so the plan is to explore the area. André also believes this is a good place for night photography as there is very little light pollution and it has a dark sky designation.

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