Last days in Mundare, heading to Vancouver

We now have perfect weather to finish our time with our ” Brady Bunch”, a cool morning to get a walk in with the troops and then 20C to enjoy the park. We do another dusk trip to Elk  Lake and hear more buggleing with  one more walk in the woods.

Daun and Doni come back from their trip and we have a signature breakfast with raspberry pancakes and maple syrup. It gives us a chance to catch up the history of each of the pups and the life journey they have travelled so far. Doni is a real dog whisperer and has saved 55 dogs so far from a sad and deprived life, finding loving homes for them all after getting them refed and vet checked.  The follow up they get from the owners with photos and the stories of how many of the dogs have been life changing for their people are inspiring. I have to agree with the sticker on Doni’s car:

We do one last explore of Edmonton and a final 12km hike in the park before heading back to the house. We are ready for the surprise Halibut and chips dinner  Daun is planning with a new batter recipe. It is mouth wateringly tender and we do over indulge a little. Dinner finishes off with a yummy home made apple crumble.

The dogs agree to get a farewell shot in the morning, Lulu blending completely in with my sweater.

Daun drives us to the airport with big hugs all round, Bandito gets to come in the car with us. We have a little turn around visit to Vancouver for overnight. This time we manage to find a true French Boulangerie and Patisserie, so we stock up with croissants for breakfast and a little something for dessert tonight.

We are about to head out to Tsylos Lodge for our first batch of grizzly bears, we may not have Internet there.

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