Trevi Fountain, Piazza de Popolo our last day in Rome

We wake up again to a picture perfect morning, the sky resembles Michael Angelo’s lapis lazuli Sky in the Sistine chapel.

We enjoy another breakfast with mouthwatering strawberries and we feel that the big day ahead warrants a visit to our now most favourite bakery cafe . It seems that every day they make the regular staple treats but also daily specials of new creations. Today is no different and we are welcomed by a selection of mini custard pastries with fruit of the forest .1D795A71-44B4-4850-AC09-3857FE623FB5.jpeg

We pace ourselves and only get one to share. Just a perfect sized morsel.


Somehow today, we must be well hydrated as both of us feel we need to source a pit stop. It is not too far to Roma Termini the main train station in Rome. We find the sign but directions peter out , we trace back our steps, nothing. We go to information, they direct us to go a level lower, yes there is a sign again but we follow this and again nothing. We are sure that this is intended to keep the poor tourists busting. In the end perseverance pays off and we are set and running on empty 🙂

Not far from the station we come across the amazing Santa Maria Degli  Angeli e dei Martiri huge complex, a mixture of some ancient ruins but also another breathtaking human endeavor.

Just the side altars are huge, one housing a massive organ that Tanya models for its shear size.



There have been many pieces of art donated to this church and as its name also is for martyrs one side nave artwork really speaks to me.


From there we want to make our way across to the Trevi Fountain but today will turn out to be a gourmet encounter kind of day. First the amazing  two storey delicatessen.


It has a whole shelf dedicated to teas!


We find our way to the Trevi Fountain together with hundreds of people but we do manage a spot on the edge for our selfie.


From tomorrow we will carry our selfie stick for better reach. One big wish and we throw a coin into the fountain to make it come true. Apparently a few million Euro is collected through this by the Vatican which is not willing to give this to the city for improvements.

After a yummy lunch of panini and pizza we explore the little streets leading past the Pantheon to the Piazza de Popolo and the city gates to Rome.


I interact with a street performer and Tanya captures it on film.


We come across the amazing wall flowing with melted chocolate and fresh pasta being made by a Mamacita waving us on.


By the time we get to the ancient gates of Rome we are ready for a gelato. There are many, many shops but now we are very discerning and wait several blocks for the right one.


Our last spot to visit today are the Spanish steps. Big crowds here.


We now only have 3.2km back home and we decide that dinner will be in today! As we pick up our goodies for the night, my day is made as a gentleman next to me informs the lady serving us that the “ seniorita “ was first ( not the  Seniora).


With the bottle of wine from our host open we finish a long but very fun day.


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