Abisko National Park

We pick up our 4×4 Yeti Skoda and we are ready to head out west to Abisko. The conditions are amazing with a weather front which  has hit the north  bringing sunshine,no wind and a perfect -14C.

We crunch away in our Sorel boots on the crispy frozen roads and lakes in awe of the grandeur of this wild , amazing place.Björkliden just 10km away from the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko is where we stay. The above sunset is the view from our hotel room.

The plan is to take the 9pm ride up the mountain on the chairlift to the sky station. This turns out to be such a soul stirring experience. It is half moon and the mountain is lit up by the moon rays. Once we get to the top clad in every layer that we have brought with us plus a set of warm overalls they dispense at the bottom of the station , the display of the Auroras begins. I include some of the images off André ‘s captures, for me I just lie on my back in the snow and feel like all our special people in heaven are sending an amazing hello. It is truely magic! The moon and the stars just shine through with the Auroras.

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