More local exploring and off to Geneva we go

We have a day left now to do more local discoveries as we have accepted another doggie and pussy cat house sit in Geneva.

With recommendations from our friends we head to Thoronet where an old Cistercian monastery lies. It has been largely restored and so you can get a real feel for the life they might have led. This is an order that was established in the early 11th century in response to the opulence and wealth the church was gathering around itself in those days. It is an order that dictates its members concentrate on labour  and prayer with time spent in silence. There is simplicity and even an austere look to the buildings as functionality was the main brief in the design.

We visit all the areas showing how the monks lived and prayed, their main source of income was wine making and olive oil pressing.

They had extensive vegetable gardens and fruit groves. There is lots to see and imagine.

From there after a yummy lunch in the forest we continue along the river Agens within a green belt full of walks to the town of Correns. We strike a 🍰🍰🍰🍰.5 Patisserie in Barjol in Boulevarde Grisolle and I buy three patisseries, confusing André as to who might be coming for dinner to share the extra sweet. The truth was,  I just couldn’t decide on two and all three turn out to be scrumptious.

On our way back home a little detour to Ponteve rated as a “perched”, scenic village with a a view from the castle grounds confirming its rating.

For dinner we attend to our deliscious broad beans 🙂 from the market and André manages to knock off the rest of the wine.

Early start next morning as we head out to Geneva for another housesit. Views on the way taking in the foothills of the Alps are stunning. André again navigates through some hair raising hairpins with aplomb!

We come across these cute road signs for potential deers crossing, I feel maybe I should start collecting these special signs.

Once we arrive in Geneva we get acquainted with our new family. Meet Bolingo ( means “love” in One of the Congo languages). A one year old Rag doll puss.

And Bwenzie ( friend in Malawi ) 8 year old super affectionate mutt who is right now encouraging me to do my exercises:)

We find our new human family is really interesting, both of them working for the United Nations in high powered positions. We make a real connection with them straight away and the evening passes on stimulating and fascinating  life stories from many of their postings. A real bonus, there must have been something in the fact that every time I sent an email to them they would have sent one at the same time as  the messages kept crossing each other in the internet ether.

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