Carcès and surrounds

After our epic drive from the French Alps we are looking forward to some down time in the surrounding area. It’s market day in Entrecasteaux but only a few vendors are there today. Instead  of shopping we visit the back streets and find some roses with a stunning fragrance. Roses generally seem to be a very popular bush to plant at the end of vineyards and around the home. We strike so many in our visits, that have an ancient fragrance simply not encountered back home.

We then head off to Cotignac for some morning tea and to discover the old city. This is my 🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐 Boulangerie and Patisserie place , so we will be set for lunch after some hill climbing in the old city.

The city initially developed at the base of the vertical hill we are now climbing, as in the Middle Ages the river flowed in a big cascade over the top lip of the cliff. It carved many caverns and channels over the years, so when it was diverted in its course in later centuries, it left an opportunity for people to move in and at times hide from invaders. As this has now been named a historical village worthy of restoration there are a number of beautiful , small homes plastered into the hill with colourfull shutters, and tiny gardens. Every little bit of sun and space taken advantage of.

We have a perfect sunny day to gradually climb up and peer into the many small garden surprises. The view from the last level back into town gives a perspective and a nice feel for the layout of the town. 

After lunch on the terrace listening to the profusion of bird chirp, we find a really nice walk that starts in Carcès and follows an old canal. This used to supply water to the mills which mainly were olive mills around here. These are quite prevalent in the area as apart from vineyards , there are lots of olive groves, the dry, red soil very conducive for their growing.

The walk brings us to a nice set of waterfalls and André immediately springs to action.

The days are long now with gorgeous colours coming into the sky at sunset and as  it not getting dark till 9.30pm we get to enjoy the day with a evening walk at times.

Next morning bright and early we stock up at the local market. Fresh strawberries for breakfast some nice mushrooms for a planned white wine and mushroom sauce and we head off to Chambery.
André has sourced tickets to Veronique Dicaire. A French Canadian artist that is currently touring France from André ‘s home town. She is very popular in France and as it is ” only” a four hour drive from Provence to Chambery we hit the road.
This time we head a little further west as we make our way north to cover different territory. 

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