Dawson City Yukon our final farewell 

We have a clear day with blue skies to leave Bear Cave Mountain, but the weather has been quite snowy in Dawson City so the helicopter is delayed for our departure. I film him coming in not realizing that the updraft from the chopper blades creates a brief snowy blizzard around me as all the fresh snow gets lifted from the trees. I look like a little snowman. Most of the journey back is really clear and the new pilot we have is flying us about 100m off the treetops in places so we have the opportunity to spot wildlife below. Sure enough we come across a herd of Carribou and André is ready with his camera.

We also get to see a few male Moose on the way, gradually making their way up the slopes to higher ground. A good thing as the hunting season has begun.

We get back to Dawson and enjoy the next day and a half staying at the 5th Ave Bed and Breakfast. The owners live upstairs with their little daughter but we only briefly hear some tippytoeing in the evening which sounds like some paws on a wooden floor. Sure enough in the morning we are chatting to Tracey and she mentions their 5 year old chocolate Lab Jed. Of course we have to go upstairs for a snuggle. He is super affectionate and Tracey is surprised how many kisses he deposits on me. We exchange some Labby stories and offer  to take Jed with us on the walk we plan to do. It is and has been snowing pretty heavily so it looks really beautiful as we head out slipping a bit here and there on the steeper slopes. Jed is amazing!

We let him off lead and he charges ahead pouncing in the soft snow. Even though we are complete strangers to him every so often he comes back to check on us and makes sure we are keeping up. He recalls straight away so we all enjoy a great forest walk.
We really like Dawson City and with this extra bit of time we try a few more eateries including the ” Drunken Goat” Greek restaurant and the “Aurora Inn” that Tracey and her husband Steve run. The amount of snow that has fallen means the roads need clearing and  as the snow ploughing man is sick, in a small community like this Steve offers to do the job so the school bus can get through before he starts work in his hotel.
Before we leave we do a last round of some of the historical buildings and visit the local gallery exhibiting one of the water colour artists in town Rachael Siminovich.

Due to the nature of the soil here which is quite boggy a number of the older buildings are on quite the list but are maintained as historical sites. We are packed and ready for our last leg in the Yukon. We fly back to Whitehorse , pick up a car and supplies to last a week including the bread and goodies order that I put in the day before from the “Alpine Bakery”. We get to Haines Junction just on dark and move into a very cute and cozy apartment called the “Green Sprout”. With a name like that we just had to stay here 🙂

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