Haines, Whitehorse , Calgary to Ottawa

We begin the long  journey from west to east of Canada for our family catch up in Ottawa. Clearly Alaska is sad to see us go as it brings out the rain and snow.

What a difference from the day before , no mountains to be seen today. We do our final bear check along the river as we head towards the border and are rewarded with one set of bear footprints but no Bears.
The welcome we receive by the Canadian Customs officer is so warm and friendly we tell her we are very glad to be back in Canada , I think it tickles her a bit as we get the biggest, warmest smile. Go Canada 🇨🇦!

Our food planning has been very well calculated and we really have hardly any supplies left. Considering it was a really quick sweep through the supermarket in Whitehorse, we have done well. On the way back to Whitehorse we see some elk grazing on the edge of the forest, this is our last wildlife.

It is windy when we get to Whitehorse but the snow is almost all gone. We have a nice Indian curry for dinner and do our final pack. Next morning before we leave it’s a sunny day and we sample our final Alpine Bakery goods , just a little something to bring with us on the way to Calgary with a yummy apple and blueberry streusel.

Our beautiful friend Jill picks us up from the airport and gives us a little feast of yummy cheese board and a home made squash soup. It’s a very short visit as we leave first thing in the morning , but we still cram in as much news and photo viewing as we can. Orson gives us an endless supply of tail wagging and readiness for cuddles.

It’s a pretty smooth flight to Ottawa where we get picked up by Gilles and Lucie, thankfully with a nice big truck to fit the luggage in. It has been a very wet but warm summer and fall, so to our surprise there are still lots of trees with beautiful autumn colours.

It is always so nice to visit André ‘s family as we are given the warmest of welcomes. There is lots of news to catch up on with all the family including a big 55 member family reunion.

It is a fun time to have arrived in Ottawa, the witches and goblins are out and preparing for Halloween.

We take in our last few days of autumn colours and weather and slowly get ready for home. Thanks to everyone that has followed the blog this time, see you at the next adventure.
Canada and it’s people, nature and wildlife have given us a wonderful journey and A Bientot to all.

2 thoughts on “Haines, Whitehorse , Calgary to Ottawa

  1. What a happy photo with André with his maple leaves. Thankyou for sharing your amazing adventures. Have a safe trip home. X🙂🐾


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