Rome first Day

We had just a small level of concern that for Tanya this might be a “bumpy” as in queasy journey , however she passed with flying ( ha, ha) colours. It did mean that no Moët or Veuve was consumed but a small price to pay in the end.

I played a little unplanned April Fool’s trick on Tanya as we went through security. I was briefly charged to look after her boarding passes. On the other side I reached into my pocket and only one of the two passes for her journey remained in my pocket ( the one for the Sydney to Dubai leg was missing). I calmly surmised it must have fallen out going through security and somehow we will have to get another one ( this technically could have been tricky). Poor Tanya was briefly beside herself until I went to check my boarding passes and hers was stuck to the back of one of mine. Phew!

As we were delayed in Sydney on leaving because a sick couple had to be deboarded we had to wait for their luggage to be taken off. That meant no time to enjoy the lounge in Dubai but Tanya got a new idea for her bathroom project in the loo 🙂


We are now based smack in the centre of Rome, , ultra cute apartment on the 2nd floor with very comfy beds.

The atmosphere is set as Maggie got Tanya a special order Vespa set of PJ’s.



We are going out for our first Italian grocery shop and get some cash to hit the Tratorias for lunch.


3 thoughts on “Rome first Day

  1. How wonderful that the flight went so well. Love the PJs. Hopefully those little hiccups will be the last ones.
    Have a super time in Rome. Love Rhonda


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