Food, food beautiful Italian food

As we walked around exploring the neighborhood near our apartment we quickly realized just how important fresh food delivered to customers  in tempting colorful options is for the Italians.

Lots of tiny eateries, mini and larger supermarkets, bakeries and delicatessens are scattered every few blocks.


Although it is very early season for the rest of Europe, here in Italy there already is an abundance of freshly grown strawberries. We initially get drawn to them by their incredible size but then as we approach the sweet smell also oozes out of the box and so without hesitation we buy 1kg.

Also within virtually every block their is a tiny coffee espresso shop. I have brought my reusable cup but immediately see this would not be the done thing to present at a self respecting place.


Although Tanya does not drink coffee we settle for a lovely little bakery and the OMG espresso machine. I am not disappointed and the latte ordered with an extra glass of hot milk ( all ordered in Italian, Tanya very impressed) is delicious as are the two fresh Italian crestinis Italian for croissants.

By the time it’s 1pm we feel very deserving of lunch and having stocked up in all kinds of fresh antipasti and cheeses we come home for a treat. The Gorgonzola served to us in a little container because it’s so ripe and runny wins the taste stakes with the black olives marinated with orange pieces a close second.


We top it all off with the fresh strawberries which prove to taste as divine as their smell promised.

For dinner we decide on the Trattoria recommended by our host but even though we get there at an early dining hour for Italians 7.30pm they are fully booked for the night. A quick stroll for a few blocks and we find a restaurant that has a lovely outdoor seating and they take us even though already they are pretty full. To start the evening Tanya goes for the specialty drink of Aperol Spritz.


She  gets the homemade gnocchi in a creamy tomato sauce and I pick the pizza with fresh porcini mushrooms….. WOW!

Very content with our choices, our stomachs refueled we head home, foregoing even the temptation of a dessert. The Italian gastronomic experience has been a success today.


9 thoughts on “Food, food beautiful Italian food

  1. PS We are enjoying the most beautiful Anzac Day here. Meg and I went up to the beach really early to watch the sun come up. Just beautiful! Rhonda


  2. Looks like you survived the flight ok Tanya! We’ll follow with interest. Enjoy Rome. I notice you’re not hiring a car in Amalfi, probably a good choice. You’ll see what I mean!! Enjoy. Jeremy


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